Toute la journée

Fuerst Wiacek TTO/MTB

Billie's craft beer kafétaria Kammenstraat 12 , Antwerp

Our friends from Fuerst Wiacek are coming to visit us and they'll bring some ultra fresh new craft beers with them!

Barnabeer present Bardy

Barnabeer 39 rue de Bruxelles , Namur

L’été approche l’occasion pour nous de vous faire profiter de la belle terrasse du Barnabeer! Start 17.00 avec Nico Néo succédé de Bardy

IPA Extravaganza

Brussels Beer Project Dansaert 188 rue Antoine Dansaert , Bruxelles

We’re so excited about the fresh IPAs coming from Port Sud, that we’re throwing an IPA party.  Alongside our IPA line-up (some of them you know well & others are limited editions), we’ll have 4 guest IPAs to turn this night into a real IPA extravaganza! 

One Year Anniversary - LIVE by Ange Nawasadio

Brasserie Surréaliste Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 22-23 , Bruxelles

ӨПΣ YΣΛЯ ΛППIVΣЯƧΛЯY To celebrate the first birthday of the brewery, we come back to our Belgian roots without forgetting our love of hops. A clean farmhouse ale punched out with a secret dry-hop. More sexy than our King and more funky than our flag, this beer is our national anthem. Join us this Thursday (finally in the long awaited tap room  to discover in prime our latest creation. Special Message to the cowdfunders °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° We are organizing now the crowdfunders giveaway every Thursday from 6 to 8pm. Come get your beers  Finally, we are thrilled to welcome the soul voice […]

Lambiek Academie

Brouwerij Boon Fonteinstraat 65 , Lembeek

Have you ever been asked a question about lambic beers and you didn't know the answer? That's about to change! The Lambic Academy is an educational initiative by HORAL that offers skilled support to anyone who is engaged in lambic beers at a professional level. This training course is primarily geared towards pub and restaurant owners and their staff. During the Lambic Academy session you will learn about the basics including the history of lambic beers, different producers, their beers, insights into the brewing method, and its characteristics. Thanks to the many useful tips and practice with serving, smelling, and […]

Stand up à la Mule

Brasserie de la Mule 95 rue Rubens , Schaerbeek

"L'important dans la vie, c'est rire et boire de la bonne bière". On ne sait plus trop qui a dit ça mais on pense qu'il avait raison. Venez faire les deux en même temps dans la brasserie de la Mule. Des bières pour tous les palais et des humoristes pour tous les goûts. Entrée libre, sortie au chapeau.