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Billie's Craft Beer Fest 2023

Billie's Craft Beer Festival 150 Rijnkaai, Anvers

Billie is a lovely French Bulldog. He usually hangs out at his very own craft beer bar, called Billie’s Bier Kafétaria, which he founded in December 2013. Even though he is very fond of this place, he felt something was lacking. Billie had a dream about a magical location where beer lovers and brewers could celebrate, discuss and enjoy craft beer. It's in this spirit that Billie proudly presents Billie’s Craft Beer Fest. 50 International brewers gathered on one event. All hail Billie! Billie's Craft Beer Fest works with an ALL-IN TICKET FORMULA. This includes entry, a BCBF tasting glass, […]

Basqueland 8th anniversary release

Hops 'N More Parijsstraat 27, Leuven

Happy 8th Anniversary Basqueland Brewing! Our favorite Spanish brewery had a crazy party in October. And we are bringing those Basque birthday vibes to the center of Leuven! Collabs with DEYA, Fuerst Wiacek, Lervig, La Debauche, OSO Brew, Laugar and plenty more beers. Enjoy fresh hops, lagers, fruited sours and thick thick Imperial Stouts from draft and/or in cans.

Tasting night #1 - BCBS Series 2022 & Fox Farm

Hops 'N More Parijsstraat 27, Leuven

TASTING NIGHTS Winter is coming, so we'll check to organise some tasting nights in the following weeks/months. Let's start with a nice mix of 2 American breweries. The 2022 edition of BCBS (5 variants), accompanied by 5 BA Saisons/Wild Ales by Fox Farm. When: Wednesday 11 October, start 18.30 (so after the Chinese discovery ) People: 7 tot 10 max Cost: split the cost of all beers. We'll check for some Elsen cheeses too Interested? Send email to [email protected] Beers: BCBS 2022 Coffee UT 4.33 BCBS 2022 Sir Isaac's Stout UT 4.36 BCBS 2022 Brand Biscotti Stout UT 4.16 BCBS […]

Brassin Public Cantillon

Cantillon rue Gheude, 56, Bruxelles

Nous organisons un brassin public deux samedis par an, en novembre et en mars. Le premier de la saison de brassage 2023/2024 se tiendra le samedi 11 novembre 2023.  Programme : de 07h à 09h00 Opération de brassage de 09h00 à 13h00 Filtration et houblonnage de 12h00 à 15h00 Cuisson du moût vers 15h30 Pompage du moût sur le bac refroidissoir de 07h à 12h00 Nettoyage des fûts à l’ancienne Visites guidées en français à partir de 7h10. Droit d’entrée 12.00 € p.p. comprenant la visite guidée et dégustation.  Réservation en ligne obligatoire Sélectionnez le 11 novembre et la langue […]