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Billie's Craft Beer Fest 2023

10 novembre - 11 novembre

Billie is a lovely French Bulldog. He usually hangs out at his very own craft beer bar, called Billie’s Bier Kafétaria, which he founded in December 2013. Even though he is very fond of this place, he felt something was lacking. Billie had a dream about a magical location where beer lovers and brewers could celebrate, discuss and enjoy craft beer.
It's in this spirit that Billie proudly presents Billie’s Craft Beer Fest. 50 International brewers gathered on one event. All hail Billie!
Billie's Craft Beer Fest works with an ALL-IN TICKET FORMULA.
This includes entry, a BCBF tasting glass, unlimited beer tasting (around 400 different beers: +-200 on friday and +200 new ones on saturday) and a bottle of water (food, other beverages & cloakroom not included).
BOTTLE SHARING is allowed as this is a festival for craft beer lovers. We do hold a maximum of 2 bottles per person.
Only a LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS is made available, bearing in mind the comfort and safety of our visitors.


Début :
10 novembre
Fin :
11 novembre
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Billie's Craft Beer Festival
150 Rijnkaai
Anvers, 2000 Belgium
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