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Meet The Brewer: Eik & Tid, Masters of Kveik & Raw Beers

18 septembre 2019 - 19 septembre 2019

We are hosting Eik & Tid on Wed 18 September for a night around kveik & raw beers. This is the first event around farmhouse beers around Europe we host (the second being Dundulis on Friday). Raw beers are a tradition in Scandinavia and Eik & Tid (Oak & Time in English), is the specialist in the field. They make sour beers using local ingredients, their own yeast culture and herbs and fruits that they forage in the area. There will be a small talk at the start by Amund, the brewer, about what makes them special, their process and their beers. He will then stay to answer questions that you may have. This is a must for any homebrewer or beer lover!

Tap List:
1) Mosaikk - 5% This hybrid between a modern pale ale and a traditional Norwegian raw beer combines the flavours of old with the flavours of the new. Aged in oak foeders and drawn off using a one vessel solera style method.
2) Eldr - 6,6% This deep and rich copper colored beer combines a complex range of tart and dried dark fruit notes from the Kveik fermentation with a generous amount of caramel from the malts. The result is a complex raw dark sour. Aged in oak foeders and drawn off using a one vessel solera style method.
3) Krypto - 6% This beer is all about creating tropical fruit flavours from the fermentation without using actual fruit. By fermenting with only Brettanomyces yeast and Lactobacillus and adding a tea of aged hops to the wort this magic happens. It is a mysterious and enigmatic beer that is easy to love. Aged in oak foeders and drawn off using a one vessel solera style method.
4) Brom - 5% Hazy pink raw sour refermented with raspberry. This beer combines the complexity of our raw ales with the freshness of raspberry. A favorite among natural wine lovers. Aged in oak foeders and drawn off using a one vessel solera style method.
5) Oslo - 5,1% Oslo is not only an homage to their home town, but also their first go at the single yeast culture isolated from their house Kveik culture by American yeast lab Bootleg Biology. This amazing yeast ferments lager at body temperature in under 5 days! This lager is slightly tart from the use of lactic bacteria and also sports an elegant floral hop profile from German Spat hops.

Bottle List:
6) Skygge - 7,6% Raw sour brow ale fermented with Kveik. This beer drinks like a complex sour cold brewed coffee. The fermentation creates a fresh fruitiness that compliments the dark roasty flavours from the malts.
7) Syr - 6% This is our long term aged raw golden sour. By blending from ex wine barrels and foeders we layer stone fruit, vanilla and umami in an explosion of flavours.
8) Aronia - 5,1% This beer is all about the complex fruitiness and tannins from the Aronia berry. The base is an amber raw sour fermented with Kveik. The whole brewery scoured woodlands and gardens around the capital area of Oslo, Norway for this rich and wonderful berry. The resutling mix of Raw beer and Aronia creates a fruity almost wine like beer.


Début :
18 septembre 2019
Fin :
19 septembre 2019
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