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Smells like Brussels Spirit - 4 breweries 1 Spirit - Bar release

9 juillet 2020

Smells like Brussels spirit, the ‘spirit’ that unites Brussels breweries. The quarantine has forced us to step out of our comfort zone and demonstrate some innovation… a strong example is the “Smells like Brussels Spirit”, a spirit born from a collaboration between four Brussels- based breweries, Brussels Beer Project, En Stoemelings, La Source and No Science, bringing their universes together in a bottle. Join us and rediscover the ‘îlot sacré’ through a path joining no less that 10 Brussels bars and cafes: Au bassin, Barbeton, BBP, Cabaret Mademoiselle, Kfk hope, Mappa Mundo, Moeder Lambic Fontainas, Metteko, Roi des Belges, Walvis & Zebra. Each created a unique cocktail recipe with the “Smell like Brussels Spirit”.

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About Smells Like Brussels Spirit
A 37.5°‘eau de bière’, it's an aromatic blend between peket and gin. The spirit was infused with Iris flowers, paying homage to Brussels, but also with a touch of java pepper, orange bark, coriander and Cardamone. Only just over 1000 bottles available. Amateurs stay tuned as this is a super limited edition.


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9 juillet 2020
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