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Swiss Beer & Cheese Event : La Nébuleuse

3 mars 2018

Nicolas, the brewer from our Swiss friends at La Nébuleuse, is coming this Saturday to the Dynamo! The brewery was a hit and one of the most popular when they were invited last year for the SWAFFF festival in Brussels. Now, we gave him a wild card to show us what the country had to offer in terms of food and beers that could be paired with it! He decided he would bring a selection of the best cheeses and charcuteries from the Alps. The brewery worked hard to put a good list of beers together, some of them being totally exclusive for the event and others being a premiere. There will be overly fresh IPAs, juicy pale ales, barrel aged beers and other little gems to be discovered.

Tap List:
Malt Capone – Porter
Rhum IPA – Barrel Aged IPA (unique keg)
AmWheat – American Wheat Ale
Embuscade – IPA (bonus: overly fresh!)
Stirling – California Common
NEPA – New England Pale Ale
Imperial Rhum Barrel Banana Stout