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Thousands of Poppies

11 novembre 2021

They mingled under an umbrella in front of the stage of a festival in 2018. Thousands of Poppies is an Electro Rock duo including Véronique (singer, songwriter) and Jody (guitar, keyboards and producer). They seduced and captivated each other thanks to a common passion – music. An intimate and long-distance relationship was born, exchanging emails and, of course, music files. Véronique deploys her voice, almost ethereal, and Jody finds his creativity back the purity and determination of the beginnings. They have found their own sound freshness and feed off each other.
Thousands of Poppies wishes to sow delicate, elegant, powerful musical seeds that will blossom into red wild flowers. They release tracks with organic and atmospheric melodies rooted in the 80’s and 90’s, a range of electro-pop, rock, new wave, dream-pop, indie and shoegaze seeds. Their influences? The sounds of Chromatics, Slowdive, Sonic Youth and Massive Attack.
A first 7-track nectar in 2021.
Thousands of Poppies release the seeds with their first 7-track EP, Musical Seeds Supplier. Wild but polished, Musical Seeds Supplier is the outcome of 2 years of musical complementarity and organic research between Véronique and Jody.
After composing Feel Like Ya in June 2018, the duo produced a dozen demos over the course of a year. Sometimes arranged, sometimes put aside, these tracks take the form of singles that Thousands of Poppies wishes to share with a sensitive audience attracted to Anglo-Saxon sounds or appealed by new alternative music. The composition of Thousands of Poppies’ songs begins with an emotion transcribed into melodies or lyrics. Then begins the rigorous research of the song and the structure analysis. The next phase consists of deconstructing and returning to the essence of the song: the seed of creation. This EP reflects their emotions, dark and sensitive, personal and sensual, written by Véronique and put into music by Jody.
They tell us an genuine story of self-discovery, spirituality, love, strange situations and communion with others. These are slices of life, like the soundtrack of their own film.
Producer, arranger, guitar
Véronique BERVAES
Author, songwriter, singer


Date :
11 novembre 2021
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