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Independance DAY - USA Tap Takeover -

4 juillet 2019 - 5 juillet 2019

We love BEER, You love BEER and Who else loves BEER? The USA. A clear front runner in the development of the craft beer scene we wanted to share our love for American craft beers. So we decided to do this on the most American day of all: INDEPENDENCE DAY! With our brothers from another Bar (our dear friends at Dynamo - Bar de Soif) we will be showcasing some of the finest the US craft scene has to offer!

♦@ Moeder: Lord Hobo Brewing Co, our friend, our lover, our man who brings realness to the table. Amazing, Powerful and Headstrong Beers that don't back down. An Icon, A Legend, An amazing Friend, welcome him and he will welcome you. (Yes, we love this guy personally)

♦@ Dynamo: Equilibrium Brewery, It's all about balance, no, not the balance of the week with no risks and no rewards, but bold brash steps that are then perfected. Powerful aromas able to hold their own, enhancing each other to the point where equilibrium is finally reached. And of course, there will be food, music and a whole bunch of good vibes!

THE KEGS WILL BE FLOWN IN STRAIGHT FROM THE STATES, MAXIMUM FRESHNESS, MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT, BLARING HOPS! And we have a special surprise for a Belgian friend, squeezing its way into this insane line up!


Début :
4 juillet 2019
Fin :
5 juillet 2019
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