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Koduõlu day

2 février 2020

A few weeks ago we went to brew a native farmhouse beer style called Koduõlu on Saaremaa island (Estonia). This beer is not boiled, juniper infused and open fermented with bakers yeast. The style is getting near to extinction, but there still is a homebrewer community trying to keep the tradition going. Luc for us there are also two official breweries brewing the style. We went to brew an official collab with Pihtla õlu. For the first time ever there will be Koduõlu available in Belgium and Holland!

The recipe is constructed with all respect for Saaremaa brewing tradition, but with an extra rye twist to give it extra creaminess. Because of skipping the boiling step you get a very cloudy appearance, thick mouthfeel, sweet cereal, piny flavour combined with a lot of bananas coming from the esthers of the yeast. We want to make this day a true farmhouse celebration and are serving the beer throughout different locations in Belgium and Holland at the same day. Because of the short shelf life we want the beer to be drunk superfresh, so everybody can have an objective opinion of what a raw farmhouse ale tastes like.


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2 février 2020
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