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Waiting The Show

30 avril 2018

we finally decided to make a contribution to the Quintessence too. therefore, for injured people who have the ticket to participate in this magnificent event, we will make a fantastic offer. 1 carbonara or amatriciana and a draft beer for € 15 ! show your ticket at the entrance to the restaurant! A little list, like La Tana, of Cantillon bottles, with no tourist price, are showing for the Gueuze Lovers! For those who have not found the ticket and will not be present at the event, a glass of Lambic 1 yo Cantillon will be offered for solidarity. For all the eager to open bottles in general, after lunch (15h) a bottles sharing could begin in the closed restaurant for private use. no money, only open bottles! bring what you want!


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30 avril 2018
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La Tana
10 rue de l'Enseignement
Bruxelles, 1000 Belgique
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